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Pure Tecnology for Pure Water

Top Compact Senior Duplex

The range of duplex models is recommeded when 2 watermakers have to be installed. The advantages of having two units in a single skid: less space occupied and easier installation. When manufacturing these models we took into consideration accessibility for routine or extraordinary maintenance and so all the majr jobs can be carried out from the frontal panel. It is also possible to design the unit with all components incorporated such as the pre-feed pump, sand filters and regeneration tank. This type of unit clearly occupies more space but simplifies installation and the whole unit is compact and aesthetically pleasing. The units can work serparately or simultaneously.

The data below refer to 2 units operating simultaneously. The overall dimensions refer to the standard models but some models have different configurations. Dimensional drawings are available on request.

3 models in duplex version, 2 units installed in a single skid:

Hourly production ad 25įCLiters166025003333
Daily production ad 25įCLiters398406000080000
Output salinityppm400400400
Electrical powerKw243636
Total weightKg   
Overall dimension*WDH2200-1100-18002200-1100-18002200-1100-1800
  * The above figures donít include membrane dimensions. To meet your requirements, made-to-measure plants are available.  

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